Bag house filter

In-line filters are used for air volumes from 1,500 to 500,000 Bm³/h as central extraction systems. They are arranged in single or double rows and cleaned online, semi-offline or offline.

Based on a sophisticated cleaning system, this is done pulse-wise by means of compressed air. This is why the system is also called a jet compressed air in-line filter (JDR). The effective and economical compressed air cleaning system is equipped with special air jet tubes and a Venturi nozzle at the inlet to the filter bag.

The construction of the filter housing and the tub consists of internally smooth panels. We adapt the material and wall thickness of the filter construction to the respective requirements. Several wear designs, especially in the raw gas inlet area and at the material discharge, are shown in the standard.

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Application area

Vertical bag house filters can be used in explosive zones. The in-line filters are designed as bunker top filters or as filters with hoppers or troughs. The position of the filter bags and cartridges is vertical. The design of the support cages is possible divided.

We use 160 mm diameter filter media with various media lengths. We deliver the filters in individual assemblies and assemble them on site at your premises thanks to the simple modular design. They are used in industries such as aluminum, foundry, wood, energy, coal, cement, lime, gypsum, drying processes, welding fume extraction and food industry.

System advantages:

  • Modular structure in the height and width
  • Filter head, funnel and screw trough preassembled
  • Individual adaptation to customer requirements
  • Low operating and maintenance costs due to installation of identical components
  • Wear protection design Material inlet and outlet
  • Version also possible with filter cartridges
  • ATEX-compliant design (indoor zone 20, outdoor zone 22)
  • Air volumes from 1,500 Bm³/h to 500,000 Bm³/h

Advanced benefits:

  • High temperature versions up to +250°C
  • Welded housing
  • Standardized 4 mm housing designs
    for positive and negative pressure up to ± 8,000 Pa
  • Installation of wear protection
  • Stainless steel case

Design variants hose:

  • 2.250 mm
  • 3.375 mm
  • 4.500 mm
  • 5.000 mm
  • 6.000 mm

Design variants cartridge:

  • 2.000 mm



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