Static calculations

For the multitude of offered technical plant we prepare static calculations for you. These extend over the steel substructures of the filters, skimmers and cyclones, as well as pipelines with their supporting structures.

We also perform statistical calculations for chimneys as well as their supporting frameworks. The static actions and dynamic verifications are performed to calculate the vibration behavior (especially of slender chimneys). If vibration damping measures are required, we specify and implement them.

The structural calculations ensure that the technical plantcan be safely installed and operated.

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Structural calculations include the design of steel structures and their anchorages. This also includes a clear compilation of the support loads and connection forces so that we can check the dimensioning of the foundations or the load transfer to the on-site structures accordingly. These verifications are usually carried out by the end customer, but can also be processed upon request.

The basis of the static calculations are the respective valid standards. Local conditions such as wind loads, snow loads and, of course, earthquake loads are taken into account.

We prepare the static calculations individually so that the designed plant is optimized to suit your local situation. We also provide evidence of the required stability. The comprehensive calculations serve to document the stability on your site and can be submitted to state-commissioned test engineers for inspection in accordance with official requirements.



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