We accompany your plant throughout its entire life cycle. In doing so, we adapt them to changing circumstances as needed. To determine the condition of your plant, our experts perform performance measurements, gas analyses, dust measurements, dust analyses or examinations of filter materials.

Expand, rebuild, modernize, test – our modular production concepts make it possible! Our experienced experts plan and coordinate all measures. We adapt existing plantto changed production processes and offer customized modernization solutions. This makes your plant more efficient and we increase energy efficiency.

Service concept

With our service contracts, we focus on “the big picture”. Our specialists accompany your plant throughout its entire service life and continuously optimize it.

  • Inspection, maintenance and full-service contracts
  • Spare parts, wear parts and spare parts service
  • Installation and commissioning of new components and plant

Service contracts

Inspection contract

The scope of services begins with the development of a comprehensive maintenance and diagnostic concept specifically for each filter system. Continuous inspections carried out at equal intervals by our experienced service personnel increase the service life of your plant. We prepare inspection reports and proposals for maintenance work for plantand discuss these with you.

Maintenance contract

The maintenance contract is based on the basic services of the inspection contract. The main difference is that the upcoming maintenance work is performed by our trained GARANT team. We agree on the scope of services and the necessary spare parts in advance. In addition, we assure preferential premium treatment. The reaction time is thus reduced to a minimum. A technician is on site within fixed response times.

Full service contract

This form of contract offers you the best possible plantand security of supply. Because in addition to the services of the inspection and maintenance contract, you receive all wear and spare parts at a fixed annual price. Regardless of how often we change filter bags or inspect the plant, this applies for the period stipulated in the contract. This means that your plantand operating costs (TCO) can be calculated exactly.

Other services

Extension / power adjustment

Due to changes in production processes, there is often a need to expand a filter system. Our modular manufacturing technology allows you to increase filter performance even after years. We coordinate the reconstruction measures with each other and our team carries out everything. Especially for older plant, this measure is often supplemented by a retro-fit package. Thus, at the same time as the plant, you receive the latest technology with the most modern components from our ENTECCO development.

Retro Fit

Modernization of your plantwith the latest technology – fast, reliable, sustainable! At the beginning of every Retro-Fit project, we perform a thorough on-site analysis of the filter system.


Regular measurements enable the recording of trend developments regarding the condition of the filter system. Performance measurements, gas analyses, dust measurements and dust analyses are part of our scope of services, as are examinations of filter materials. We do this with the latest diagnostic measuring equipment.

Spare parts

We manufacture all filters and the most important components in our own production. Spare parts and components manufactured by partners are subject to the strictest quality controls. This ensures that all ENTECCO spare parts meet the highest requirements. We manufacture foreign parts according to drawings, samples or by arrangement.

Spare parts / filter bags and flat bag filter bags

We offer spare parts supply for almost all commercially available flat hose and bag filters. Of course, we are specialized in BMD-GARANT filters of the old and new series. But we can also offer you spare parts for the most common types of bag filters.