Steel and metals

The demand for steel products and non-ferrous metals is increasing – year by year. In addition, there are versatile extraction and processing methods. To ensure occupational safety and health, consider modern and efficient dust removaland gas cleaning systems.

dust removalare used as compact filter units, as modular filter systems and as central dust removal. In order to dimension the dust removal- depending on the extraction volume – the raw material properties must be taken into account.

This process produces primarily dry substances that are foreign to the air. For cutting these materials we use various textile filter media, for example in the form of bag filters as well as cartridges. This ensures efficiency in terms of separation efficiency.

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We offer our solutions especially for the following application areas:

dust removalmass force and filtering separators for the separation of coarse, medium and fine dust filtration up to the critical particle size class PM 10; PM 2.5 and PM 1 (according to EN ISO 16890).

Relevant industry sectors and fields of application:
  • Ore, coal and other raw material extraction and processing,
  • Pelletizing and sintering plants,
  • Möllerungen coking plants,
  • Pig iron production Melting plants, steel production (electric arc furnaces, converters, alloying plants)
  • Secondary metallurgical processes Further processing (e.g. rolling mills, stretch-bending furnaces, galvanizing plants, grinding, welding, cutting and blasting, etc.)
  • Transport, transfer and loading equipment
The range of our systems covers the entire spectrum of dust removalrequired, such as:
  • Point filter for the treatment of single emission sources
  • Compact filter (decentralized solution)
  • Large central filter systems in modular system, with compressed air or purge air cleaning for large air volumes and high temperatures (customer-oriented design)
  • Various add-on components such as rotary valves, pipe screws, fans and pipe components
  • Halls ventilation and exhaust systems



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