When filtering plants are used, our silos are mainly required for the storage of separated dusts or additives in flue gas cleaning.

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Residual material silos

Residue silos are required for the storage of separated dusts and solids. Some residual materials can be reused in the wood or asphalt mixing industry. Non-recyclable residual materials, on the other hand, must be disposed of in accordance with the applicable guidelines.

Depending on the substances stored, these silos are designed with pressure relief or safety devices. The silos are usually filled by pneumatic conveyors or bucket elevators.

In case of pneumatic filling of the silos, we arrange our ENTECCO filters directly on the silo roofs to clean the conveying air.

Additive silos

A flue gas cleaning system has increased emission requirements. Therefore, a large number of these analogs require silos for additive storage. We adapt these to the adsorbents used.

Design and technology

We have the know-how for the differently equipped silo plants. These are designed to suit the filtration task. We then supplement the silo systems with discharge systems for truck loading or with dosing stations for the additives depending on the requirements for flue gas cleaning.



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