Flow simulation / CFD

With the help of CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics), we identify weak points at an early stage and compare design variants. Flows in pipelines or incident flow of components are shown. Thus, we optimize the shaping or performance for you by means of numerical flow simulation.

For example, the simulation of air flows, especially in buildings and halls in foundries, helps to calculate spatial temperature distributions and local air velocities. This will help you avoid drafts. Thus, the function of heating and ventilation concepts is proven or the building services engineering is optimized.

Mistakes can be avoided in advance, which gives you planning security. This increases your building, room or product qualities and reduces manufacturing, investment and operating costs.

Our contact persons will be happy to help you with any open questions!

Through our many years of experience, the use of CFD software and the verification of the results is our daily bread. We identify potential problem areas for you and precisely define the boundary conditions for good simulation results.

By pressure and velocity distribution in the complete flow field we can detect unfavorable inflows and areas. We also perform optimization calculations based on the representation of streamlines and pressure losses.

By means of the uniform distribution index, baffles can be placed to ensure the most homogeneous flow possible to components.


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