More than 20 million tons of asphalt are produced in Germany each year. BMD-GARANT filter systems have been specially developed for the asphalt sector and meet the high demands of the industry.

Requirements for filter systems in asphalt mixing plants

In asphalt mixing plants, aggregates are first dried in a drum. They are then processed by mixers with bitumen to produce asphalt. The fuels used for drying may contain, among other things, sulfur, which forms acidic condensates with the moisture in the exhaust gas. Therefore, the filtration system must be designed for high temperatures, large amounts of dust and varying moisture contents.

Typically, a coarse separator is used upstream of the filtration system to divide the dust into a coarse and fine fraction. The recovered dust is returned to the process at different points. Dust is discharged from the filter by means of tubular screws.

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The following emission sources are usually exhausted:

  • Drying drum
  • Parallel drum
  • Bucket elevators
  • Loading
  • Mixer
  • Sieves

Our filter systems are designed on the basis of various characteristic data. These include, for example, material moisture, mixing capacity, exhaust gas temperature, volumetric flow, and recycled content (hot RC and cold RC). We always adapt our plantto your wishes and use the available space for the best possible installation.

Especially for existing plants we offer a retrofitplant). Well-preserved plantremain in place and only the necessary parts are replaced. The GARANT filter is compatible with a wide range of filter components available on the market.

With the GARANT filter, we can easily comply with the latest requirements of TA Luft 2021 regarding dust limits.

The GARANT filter offers the following advantages:

  • Reduced risk of corrosion
  • Low wear
  • Easy to maintain due to large clean gas space
  • Clean gas compartment optionally also made of stainless steel
  • Low energy consumption
  • Ready for Industry 4.0 with REMOTE access



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