Dedusting system of the asphalt mixing plant in Hofolding

Customer: Bayrische Asphaltmischwerke GmbH & Co. KG
Industry: Asphalt
Location: Hofolding
Country: Germany
Technical data: 133.000 Bm³/h
Included services: Flat bag filter

Project details

The customer's mixing plant produces asphalt for all construction applications. In the course of the modernization, a new dedusting system was to be installed.


Turnkey dedusting plant for the asphalt mixing plant

Delivery description

A new GARANT filter was installed on this project. The fireplace could be taken over from the stock. The filter control was developed together with Fa. Miprotek integrated into the main control system. The clean gas compartment, as well as the diaphragm walls and the purge carriages, had to be made of stainless steel.


  • Flat bag filter with large walk-in clean gas chamber
  • Clean gas compartment made of stainless steel
  • Pipeline
  • Fan
  • Coarse separator
  • Pipe augers

Operating principle

The raw gas is taken from the various emission sources and fed to the coarse separator via a pipeline. Below the coarse separator, the coarse dust fraction is transferred via a double pendulum flap into a tubular screw conveyor and transported to the hot elevator. The raw gas flows into the filter with the fine fraction and is cleaned at the filter pockets. The fines are also transported to a filler silo or filler tower via a double pendulum flap and tubular screw conveyor. The clean gas is then blown outdoors via the fan and the chimney.