Coolers and systems for heat recovery

Constantly rising energy costs and the highest demands on production facilities – more and more often these developments require the optimization of your energy consumption. Not only to reduce energy costs, but also to improve air quality in the workplace.

Our concept is a system solution that meets all these requirements. The basis is a holistic view of the requirements and their analysis according to our 4-phase model. Based on this, we offer customized plant. From the recording of emissions and filtration to the economic use of highly efficient energy recovery systems, we offer the entire aeration and deaeration concept for every production plant.

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Surface cooler

Our surface coolers have an online cleaning system. This makes them ideal for energy recovery. Surface coolers are equipped with horizontally installed cooling elements. The dust-laden raw gas to be cooled flows around the outside of the cooling elements, and the clean cooling air is fed to it in crossflow.

System advantages

  • Online cleaning of the exchanger surfaces
  • Exhaust gas inlet temperatures up to 600 °C
  • Cooling elements or modules in stainless steel or mild steel
  • Extremely low false air intake with modular design


The impurities adhering to the cooling elements are cleaned off at different intervals depending on the process. With a system of chains and a pendulum placed in the head of the cooler, the cooling elements are efficiently cleaned of impurities.

Cooling elements and cooling cassettes

Our cooling elements are geometrically based on the design of our flat hoses of the flat loop filter. The oval geometry enables the installation of as much cooling surface as possible in a small installation space. The design of the entire cooler thus remains manageable. Nevertheless, a high number of cooling surface can be installed.

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Other systems for cooling

Mass cooler

Temperature peaks of up to 500 °C occur during metallurgical processes. If such temperature peaks occur only for a short time, the upstream connection of a mass cooler (which also serves as a spark arrestor) can absorb such temperature peaks, so that cost-efficient filter materials can be used.

System advantages

  • Lowest operating costs for short temperature peaks
  • Gas temperature uniformity

Evaporative cooler

Evaporative coolers are ideal, for example, in flue gas cleaning. By injecting very fine water mist into the hot process gas, the gas stream and dust particles are cooled to outlet temperatures of, for example, 130-140 °C before they enter the downstream filter system. Injection by means of a two-substance nozzle takes place through several small nozzle inserts. The evaporation distance can be shortened and the tank dimension is reduced to a minimum.

System advantages

  • Reduced gas volume flow
  • Precise setting of desired process temperatures

Rotary heat exchanger

In the rotary heat exchanger, also called a heat wheel, a rotor as a fixed accumulator transfers the energy between the two air streams. The rotary motion causes the warm exhaust air to flow through the rotor alternately from one direction and cold outside air from the other.

The thermal energy from various air handling plantcan thus be reused. This is used in waste incineration, sewage sludge drying, and many other hot gas applications.

System advantages

  • Very small installation space
  • Large air volumes possible

Heat recovery and ventilation systems

You can use the warm exhaust air from your process to heat fresh air. To ensure optimal and constant air conditions for people and technology, our technology ensures a controlled air exchange. Low investment costs as well as excellent control behavior speak for these systems.

  • Energy-efficient ventilation systems with integrated heat recovery
  • Proven, scalable solutions for supply air-only operation
  • Heating with an energy source of choice

System advantages

  • Optimal concept through calculation programs and CFD analyses
  • Energy-efficient plant
  • Turnkey overall concept
  • Customized individual regulation
  • Improvement of air quality, also leads to an increase in productivity in the workplace