Old compressed air filter replaced by energy efficient Flat bag filter at CAROLINENHÜTTE

CAROLINENHÜTTE in Kallmünz, Bavaria, stands for five generations of expertise in iron casting. The company specializes in the production of technically demanding gray cast iron and nodular cast iron using the hand-molding process, in particular for one-off and small-batch production.As part of recent maintenance work, CAROLINENHÜTTE has carried out extensive technical optimization. A core aspect of these measures was the revision and modernization of the extraction systems.

GARANT-Filter GmbH has made an important contribution in this context: We replaced the previous compressed air filter with a modern purge air Flat bag filter. This update was supplemented by the integration of an upstream GARANT cooler. The newly implemented purge air filter offers a significant advantage in the form of savings on filter cleaning.

Another technical focus was on the specific temperature requirements of the plant. With gas temperatures of up to 650°C at the furnace top and 550°C at the cooler inlet, special material decisions had to be made. This led to the choice of boiler plate piping and the use of stainless steel for the radiator and dampers.

This successful and targeted cooperation between CAROLINENHÜTTE and GARANT-Filter GmbH illustrates the possibilities of optimizing proven industrial processes through modern technologies and adapting them to current challenges.

More information here: News Detail – Carolinenhütte Iron Foundry Kallmünz (carolinenhuette.de)

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