Innovative flue gas cleaning system for ALRO put into operation

ALRO S.A., a subsidiary of Vimetco PLC, is at the forefront of vertically integrated aluminum producers in Europe. With an impressive production capacity of 265,000 tons for electrolytic Aluminium and another 100,000 tons for recycled Aluminium per year, ALRO has established itself as a central force in the Aluminium industry.

In addition to its enormous capacity in production, ALRO’s commitment to quality is impressive, as evidenced by its ISO 9001 certification and compliance with international quality standards for its products.

The Gas Cleaning System for the ECO II Plant

One of ALRO’s most notable achievements is the introduction of the ECO II aluminum scrap smelter. GARANT-Filter GmbH has played a major role at this groundbreaking Project, especially through the Delivery of an advanced flue gas cleaning system. This contribution is not only a testimony of our expertise in the field of flue gas cleaning, but also of our ability to provide innovative solutions to complex challenges.

ALRO’s main objective with this Project was to increase recycling capacity by an impressive 60,000 tons per year through the installation of two double chamber furnaces, a holding furnace and our flue gas cleaning system. In addition, the investment reaffirms ALRO’s commitment to sustainability and environmental protection by allowing them to continue to keep their emissions below EU standards. The implementation of this technology also underscores ALRO’s commitment to reducing specific electricity and natural gas consumption while increasing the efficiency of its business processes.

Working together for a better future

The collaboration with ALRO has been characterized by transparency, commitment and a common goal: to put innovation and sustainability at the forefront. It is this kind of partnership that paves the way for a greener and more efficient industrial future.

We are proud to have been a key contributor to this visionary Project and are very grateful to ALRO for the trust they have placed in us and for inviting us to the “ALRO Open Gates” event. It is always a privilege to help shape such significant milestones in the industry and we look forward to many more years of successful collaboration.

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