Strict requirements according to workplace guidelines apply to production in vehicle manufacturing. Modern and highly efficient air pollution control plantare needed!

We at ENTECCOgroup have been active in the automotive industry for decades and have implemented a wide variety of filtration systems. With us as your partner, you can design your production processes to be emission-reduced, energy-efficient and sustainable. Protect your employees from harmful gases and dust in your production process with our modern solutions!

Our products and plantare specifically applied in the fields of mechanical processing, welding technology and surface treatment. But we also equip upstream processes, such as metal casting, grinding and deburring, with our filtration systems in accordance with the current guidelines of the TA-Luft and corresponding emission protection regulations.

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We offer our solutions especially for the following application areas:

  • Emission detection at the processing machines
  • Dry dust separators
  • Oil mist separations
  • MMS deposition
  • Energy-efficient ventilation and exhaust systems for optimizing the workplace atmosphere
  • dust removal for shot blasting machines, fettling stations and flame cutting machines



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