Thanks to our know-how for the technically correct use of all types of fans, we can reduce your operating costs. The optimal design of the construction form, the size and the perfect planning lead to your ideal plant!

The variant of throttling with throttle valve or throttle louver is the simplest, but also the most lossy type. If the throttle is closed, the resistance increases. At the same time, the pressure loss becomes greater and the plantis shifted. The power curve of the fan remains unchanged.

Throttling is replaced by speed control. The advantages of controlled speed are obvious. Only exactly as much pressure increase is introduced into the respective operating point as the system requires in terms of resistance to enforce the required volume flow.

This is made possible by the generated pre-swirl via the adjustment of the guide vanes. The plantand the power curve of the fan change depending on the pitch angle of the guide vanes. On average, the additional investment costs are recouped within two years as a result of this design.

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For the optimum efficiency of your overall system, our product range includes four types of fans with three different drive types.

Direct drive

  • Mounting the impeller directly on the motor shaft

Direct drive for direct assembly

  • Mounting the impeller directly on the motor shaft
  • Fan can be mounted directly on the filter

Drive via coupling

  • Drive takes place via the coupling
  • Fan shaft is supported in roller bearings

Belt drive

  • Motor sits next to the fan on the steel frame
  • Fan is driven by the motor by means of V-belt
  • Fan shaft is supported in roller bearings

All fans are manufactured in Europe and are subject to strict quality controls. Customized accessories such as sound insulation, special drive, monitoring electronics, ATEX design, stainless steel design, transition pieces, compensators, vibration metal buffers, inspection opening, inlet measuring nozzles, inlet nozzles, condensate drainage nozzles, baffles, forward or backward curved blades, can be realized. We retrofit and modernize existing plant.



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