Additive supply

Dosing station for powder additives

In flue gas cleaning, different powder additives are added depending on the application. We calculate the dosing quantities depending on the raw gas and clean gas concentrations of the respective pollutants to be separated. This flows into the selection of the optimal dosing station for you.

You can then monitor the dosing quantity via gravimetric weighing or via level sensors in the dosing tank. The dosing tank is filled using different templates. From silos with a filling volume of up to 100 m3 to big bags in the customary size to flow bins (exchangeable containers) or simple bagging tasks.

The dosing tank is provided with different loosenings, depending on the additive. The metering units have a separate loosener and an interchangeable metering screw that can be adapted to the feed rates.

Conveying into the raw gas stream is either purely mechanical or via thin-flow conveying – depending on the volume flow and emission values.

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  1. Rotary valve
  2. Reservoir
  3. Metering unit
  4. Injector tube
  5. Fan
  6. Conveying air hose
  7. Conveyor hose
  8. Injection pipe
  9. Steel structure
  10. Silencer, if present
  11. Heating coil, if present



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