Flue gas cleaning for brine incineration

Customer: Oschatz Energy and Environment GmbH / LyondellBasell Industries N.V.
Industry: Chemistry and food
Location: Maasvlakte, Rotterdam
Country: Netherlands
Technical data: 150.000 m³/h
Included services: Additive dosing, Dry sorption plants, Flat bag filter, Silos, Static calculations

Project details

The Lyondellbasell chemical group operates a plant at its site in Maasvlakte, Rotterdam, for the disposal of water-based waste, including. of a rational energy recovery. This will save approximately 140,000 tons of CO2 annually and prevent the release of 11 million kilograms of salt residues into surface water.


Extraction and flue gas treatment system

Delivery description

GARANT-Filter supplied the complete flue gas treatment system. The purpose of this system is to separate the particles from the exhaust air stream and treat the toxic gaseous substances through the use of additives.


  • Filter system divided into 8 Flat bag filter
  • Additive silo and metering unit for hydrated lime with specially activated carbon
  • Mixing reactor, discharge elements, heaters, insulations
  • Piping, dampers and steel structures and stages

Operating principle

The exhaust gases are fed to the filter system via a duct system. The injected additive reacts in the specially designed mixing reactor with the gaseous raw gas pollutants according to the principle of adsorption. The heat-resistant textile filter elements of the filter cause the separation of suspended particles from the air stream. The dust separated from the filter bags is discharged via discharge airlocks into a pneumatic system in residue silos.