Dry sorbent injection systems

Our sorption plants meet the highest requirements in flue gas cleaning. In addition, they can be installed downstream of incineration plants of various types. Whether biomass or residue incineration, waste or combined heat and power plants.

We use our sorption plants in the secondary production of non-ferrous metals such as aluminum or copper. We also apply them to reduce pollutants in foundries and in the steel industry (sintered metal plants)

Through the optimized addition of additives, such as hydrated lime or sodium bicarbonate, hydrogen chloride (HCL) , hydrogen fluoride or sulfur oxides (SO2/SO3) can be absorbed from the exhaust gas. This also applies to the injection of activated carbon or coke for the separation of dioxins, furans or heavy metals.

We select the suitable absorbents and adsorbents. In this way, the legally prescribed limit values can be complied with confidently and pollution peaks can be safely intercepted.

We also have the necessary aggregates in our delivery program:

  • Evaporative cooler
  • static and dynamic mixing reactors
  • Quasi-dry flue gas cleaning (humidification of the recirculate)
  • associated silos with the additive and recirculate dosing stations

Our sorption plants comply with the relevant international standards, national standards and regulations, such as VGB power plant standards and TRD standards.

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System advantages:

  • Individually adapted use of sorbents
  • Minimum consumption due to optimized stoichiometries
  • Process selection according to “Best Available Technology” (BAT)
  • Consideration of operational decision criteria such as availability, operational safety, maintenance requirements, usability of the residual materials produced and usable residual heat
  • Optimization with regard to investment, operating and disposal costs



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