Chimneys and silencers


Our chimneys are made as steel plate construction with condensate drain, all necessary stiffeners and foot ring including anchor bolts. They can be built free-standing, tethered or sitting on a muffler.

The necessary wall thicknesses and diameters are designed according to the static and technical requirements. For inspection we offer measuring platforms made of sectional steel brackets bolted to the chimney. We design these based on your requirements in either 180° or 360° variants. Access is then via a ladder or stairs attached to the fireplace.

Please feel free to contact our contact persons for further questions!

Splitter silencer

In order to reduce the discharge noise, we install baffle silencers on the suction and pressure sides, which are installed after the filter unit in heavy industrial design. We build the backdrops for you from moisture-resistant mineral mats with trickle protection.



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