Corporate identity and culture

Our vision

Will and goal are at the beginning of every undertaking

For successful entrepreneurs, it is of extraordinary importance to transfer the inspiration of wanting to be the best to everyone in the companies involved in the group, thus creating the best company in its market. In order to form such a community, open and authentic employees and managers are indispensable, thereby turning everyone into enthusiastic supporters of the company.
Cooperation, trust-building and respect are in line with the guiding principles of economic and independent action.

Human and nature

Independent, sustainable, entrepreneurial action

For years, people’s awareness of protecting people and the environment has been increasing. In parallel, European and international legislation is tightening the requirements for industrial plants. In order to comply with these aspects for the protection of our environment, but also with the performance specifications of our customers, each employee plays a special and indispensable role.

The “we” and the employees, together with the needs of the customers, are at the center of the company’s philosophy.

Corporate identity

Bundle know-how, use synergies, create platforms

Research projects in close cooperation with universities and research institutes are just as necessary as decades of experience of our employees. A coordinated product range and numerous reference plants in many industries and markets complement our portfolio in every respect.

In its strategic orientation, the ENTECCOgroup aims to bundle this know-how, to use the synergies and thus to create the ideal platform for a full-range supplier in the field of environmental technology.

ENTECCO – Modelled on nature

Our strong swarm principle

A swarm consists of many individuals. And yet it acts like a homogenous organism and displays amazing skills as a whole. This creates complex adaptive systems in nature, known as the emergence phenomenon.

As a specialised team of experts, the ENTECCOgroup benefits from numerous synergies, and draws on a wealth of experience. It also has access to a variety of contacts and co-operations, e.g. with the environmental ministries, universities, and research institutes. We respond quickly, act responsibly, and use a competent network to find leading solutions.