Due to urbanization, many foundries are now found in the middle of the town. At the same time, the sensitivity of the population with regard to particulate matter is increasing. As a result, the foundry industry needs to take more action in the area of environmental technology.

Special attention must be paid to sand preparation, for example.

In the area of bentonite-bonded molding sands, high moisture content and vapor formation are the main problems. This must be solved by the use of intelligent ventilation measures.

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In the cold box process, amines are used as hardeners. These often decompose in small cores and evaporate in large cores. We pay particular attention to the resulting hydrocarbons and phenols. This is because some of these can condense in the pipeline and catch fire. In croning, a cold-resin process, the resulting filter dust can be used to bind the hydrocarbons.

Foundries therefore need a close look at their specific processes! We take these into account in our analysis and planning. In addition to the process engineering design, the planning implementation with our 3D-CAD systems is standard. We know that space for on-site expansion is often limited. Our modular filtration systems make it possible to set up the plant at the desired location. We use a double-deck filter system or set up the plant directly inside the hall.

We at ENTECCOgroup have been active in the foundry industry for decades and have implemented a wide variety of different applications. With us as your partner, you can design your production processes to be emission-reduced, energy-efficient and sustainable. Through state-of-the-art solutions, we make a significant contribution to protecting your employees from harmful gases and dusts from foundry processes. We are also happy to support you in the measurement and determination of MAK values.

We offer our solutions especially for the following application areas:

  • Emission detection at the melting furnaces, casting furnaces
  • dust removal the sand preparation
  • Air technology and dust removal for casting aftertreatment and cooling
  • Energy-efficient ventilation and exhaust systems for optimizing the workplace atmosphere
  • dust removalfor shot blasting machines, fettling stations and flame cutting machines
  • Filter systems for molding plants
  • Air recirculation and ventilation concepts

3D flight through foundry


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