dust removal Kutes foundry

Customer: Kutes Metal San. ve Tic. A.Ş.
Industry: Foundry
Location: Çorlu
Country: Turkey
Technical data: 224.000 Bm³/h
Commissioning: 30.01.2019
Included services: 3D design CAD, Flat bag filter, Pipework, Technical calculations

Project details

Use of a complete solution for dust removal all induction furnaces in the foundry with a skimmer for pre-separation and spark protection. Sand preparation with cast cooler and blowroom.

Delivery description

A total of four filter units were supplied. Two GARANT Flat bag filter bag filters for the areas of melting furnaces, cooling station (in-mold-cooling), unpacking, casting cooler and sand preparation, as well as one LHS-Jet compressed air filter for the blowroom. In addition, an old wet scrubber for sand processing was also replaced by a modern GARANT Flat bag filter bag filter.


  • Core components of the filtration plant and fans, as well as engineering for the remaining plant components such as piping, hoods and trays.

Operating principle

The filter system for sand processing closes at the neuralgic points such as
Used sand cooler, various belt transfers, mixer, molding circuit, polygon screen, buffer tank, exhaust air of fluidized bed cooler, bucket elevators, used sand silo, core shooters an. At the same time, this plant also extracts the cooling station, casting cooler, shake-out grates, used sand belts, vibrating conveyors and vibrating chutes.

The melting furnaces are exhausted via a separate filter system. Four old as well as four new induction furnaces are connected there, a skimmer is used in front of the filter as a spark arrestor.