Compact bag filter

The compressed air-driven compact LTG AEROP AAS AERSTAR pocket filter reliably filters smaller volumes of air and decentralized extraction systems. As a rule, the effective compressed air requirement is 0.02 – 0.3 m³/h of aspirated compressor air per m² of filter area, depending on the amount and type of dust.

The filter pockets are fixed to a front plate with easily released clamping elements. During operation, compressed air is blown into the interior of the filter pockets in a countercurrent process together with aspirated secondary air. The dust adhering to the outer surface of the filter bag is thrown off by the inertial forces.

At the same time, the blown-in air transports large quantities of the dust sitting in the fine needle felt to the outside. This process repeats at precise adjustable intervals from filter pocket to filter pocket. The correct choice of air cleaning intervals in relation to the dust concentration is essential for the design. Our Pulstronic microprocessor control does this automatically for you.

The filter is assembled at the factory and delivered ready for operation (plug & play). In addition, the maintenance effort is reduced to a minimum. Filter bags can be conveniently installed and removed by one person via the clean gas compartment. The diaphragm valves and the compressed air tank are also easy to reach. Optionally, we offer you the patented quick-change system for filter bags, with which a time saving of 80% is achieved.

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The LTG AEROP AAS AERSTAR pocket filter is used in the following areas:

  • Sand processing
  • Building materials
  • Sandblasting
  • Welding fumes
  • Mixer
  • Silo dedusting


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