Who we are

ENTECCOgroup is an owner-managed, independent group of companies that invests in medium-sized companies in the field of environmental technology. The companies of the ENTECCOgroup manufacture highly effective and at the same time highly efficient filter products and use them to create turnkey plants for dust removal, exhaust gas purification or aeration and ventilation for almost all industries.

As a specialised team of experts, the ENTECCOgroup benefits from numerous synergies, and draws on a wealth of experience. In addition, it has access to a large number of connections and cooperations, e.g. with environmental ministries, universities and research institutes. ENTECCOgroup reacts quickly, acts responsibly and arrives at leading solutions through networked expertise.


As a company in the field of environmental technology, we have learned from nature and have taken a closer look at the behavior patterns of a swarm or flock. A swarm consists of many individuals. And yet it acts like a homogenous organism and displays amazing skills as a whole. This creates complex adaptive systems in nature, known as the emergence phenomenon.

The formerly partially independent companies were incorporated into the ENTECCOgroup swarm under the buy and build strategy. Each company sells all the Group’s products and solutions, with the sites focusing primarily on their home markets.

ENTECCO Location Germany


The management of the ENTECCOgroup as well as GARANT-Filter GmbH is located at the site in Lahr.



The team at the Winston-Salem site operates under the name ENTECCO Filter Technology, Inc. and serves the entire American market with the group’s products and solutions.

ENTECCO Location Austria


LHS Clean Air Systems GmbH is located at the Gaspoltshofen site, and all ENTECCOgroup products are also manufactured here.


LHS Clean Air Systems Polska Sp. z. o.o. , located in Zielona Gora, is responsible for the entire Polish market. Sales, project management and service are thus implemented close to the customer and on-site.

ENTECCO Standort Indien


The headquarters of GARANT-Filter PLC is located in Bangalore, in the south of India. From this location, the Indian team serves our customers in the Far East.


Our brands have always been highly valued in the mechanical and plant engineering sector. Many have been known in their respective industries for decades and stand for high quality standards and durability. ENTECCOgroup sells its products and services under the following brands.

This brand is representative of ENTECCO’s “Center of Excellence” in gas cleaning and dust removalfor virtually all of our industries and customers. The focus is on the asphalt, foundry and aluminum industries.

As a traditional brand from Austria in the aerotechnical industrial plant engineering, this brand is representative of many years of expertise in the wood and stone earth industries. These include turnkey systems for air management and surface technology.

Founded in 1958 by Fritz von Opel in Essen, this brand has since stood for flue gas cleaning systems in the biomass and waste incineration sectors, as well as dust removalin the mining and steel industries.

Systems for the supply and disposal of production facilities in the automotive industry are sold under the umbrella of this brand.

Founded in 2016, ENTECCO products for the North American market are sold under this brand.

For decades, this brand has stood for high-quality products and solutions in the asphalt and foundry industries.


We are determined to be the best in our market! We achieve this goal by transferring our enthusiasm for it to the companies in the Group. This succeeds in a trusting community of open, authentic employees and managers across all companies, where the strengths of the individual benefit everyone in the group.

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Michael Auer

Main shareholder and CEO of ENTECCOgroup
Dipl.Ing (FH) / Mechanical Engineering (University of Applied Sciences Mannheim)

ENVIROproducts S.R.L.

Romania, Timisoara

Mountain Cleantech Co-Invest S.á.r.l.



Today more than ever, the complexity of the situation in business-to-business markets requires active and sustained interaction between customers, suppliers, competitors, research institutions, associations, universities and trading partners.

For this purpose, a distinct network competence with corresponding network management must be available in the company. At ENTECCOgroup, this is the prerequisite for constant adaptation to markets, industries and customers.