Flat bag filter

The Flat bag filter works with horizontally arranged, flat filter elements. These are supported by flow-optimized spacer elements, fixed in the filter body and sealed.

A fully welded raw gas chamber with flanged-on clean gas plenum thus creates an absolutely gas-tight compact filter. This is also ideally suited for hot gas applications. Individually for each application, we select filter media that guarantee compliance with the clean gas values. And well below the legal requirements while maintaining long service lives. In addition, the BAT / BREF standards are complied with.

Assembly times are reduced to a minimum due to pre-assembly in our production. Our modular design with variable hose length allows you to plan individually with throughput rates of up to 500,000 Bm³/h per filter unit and temperatures up to 240 °C.

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System advantages

  • Very low filter differential pressure
  • Energy efficient filter
  • Optimized filter effective area
  • Inspection in the quasi-penthouse
  • Service optimized accessibility
  • Cost effective assembly
  • Corrosion resistant due to innovative insulation concept
  • Reduced total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • Air volume up to 500.000 Bm³/h
  • Temperature version up to 240 °C

Cleaning with purge air – type S

The patented TS cleaning system interrupts the gas flow in each of three filter rows, thus setting them “offline”. Filter cake and fine dust particles fall to the bottom after the purge air has been introduced in a defined manner. The separated dust is discharged by means of different discharge devices.

This innovative, multi-stage philosophy of regeneration sets standards in terms of performance. With this low energy input, the residual dust content is reduced well below the values required by legal regulations – while at the same time ensuring a long service life. Measurements also confirm this very low pressure drop. This results in a significant saving in the power consumption of the main fan and meets the requirements of operating cost savings well.

Cleaning with compressed air -type D

As an alternative to purge air cleaning, the Flat bag filter can also be cleaned with compressed air. This may be the case if particularly high temperatures or special dusts are to be expected. This is also the case when very high availability is required.

Compressed air filters have no moving parts and are therefore very reliable. The compressed air tanks can be placed either below or above the clean gas area. Each row of flat hoses is equipped with a compressed air valve and a blowpipe.

Operator-friendly inspection in the quasi-penthouse

As a result of the walk-in filter clean gas space, it is possible to carry out maintenance and inspection work safely and conveniently. All filter bags can be changed without additional securing; and this in any weather. The same applies to any work that may be required on the TS filter cleaning system.

Cost-effective assembly due to high degree of prefabrication

The modular filter design allows for quick and easy installation of the plant. All assemblies are fully pre-assembled and wired. On the construction site, these are only screwed together. This allows us to reduce assembly costs to a minimum and get the plant up and running faster.