Tubular cartridge filter

Tubular cartridge filters are used for small air volumes from 200 to approx. 500 Bm³/h, as decentralized extraction (point-by-point). The minimal installation effort (plug & play) is particularly advantageous. The devices can be delivered ready for connection.

The design of these filters allows their application primarily on the silo roof. But also all other places where no individual fan is required are possible areas of application. This is due to their very low dead weight.

During the filling process, the dust-laden air escapes through the housing (steel or aluminum) of the tubular cartridge filter. The dust particles are separated from the air there and returned to the silo.

The systems are basically equipped with cartridges whose lengths are available in 600 & 1,200 mm as standard. The filter medium can vary – depending on the property of the airborne substances. A stainless steel version is possible.

For more information about our tubular cartridge filters, please contact our contacts directly!

Tubular cartridge filters are used as cartridge filters in the following areas:

  • Sand processing
  • Building materials and dry plaster
  • Sandblasting
  • Food Manufacturing
  • Mobile or fixed silos


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