Cyclones and other pre-separators

We offer three basic designs of pre-separators. These include swirl separators, skimmers and cyclones. These are all based on the principle of centrifugal force separation or mass force separation. The material loading in the raw gas is reduced by selective deflection of the air flow.

All our pre-separators are designed specifically for the application and are characterized by the lowest pressure losses. The life cycle of the subsequent filter unit is thus increased. It also has significantly higher performance and service life. In high-temperature processes, they serve as spark arrestors. If required, we additionally equip our pre-separators with pressure relief surfaces.

Cyclones of the ENTECCOgroup

For environmental protection reasons or for technical reasons to extend the service life of the filter, cyclones can be used as pre-separators. The cyclone separates larger particles from the flue gas according to the mass inertia principle; these are then discharged via a discharge device. Basically, a cyclone is equipped with an inlet cylinder, cone and the dip tube.

The tangential injection in the inlet cylinder creates a vortex flow. A circular primary current is created. The taper of the connecting cone creates an increased rotational speed of the volume flow. This creates a secondary current. These two currents cause larger particles to be thrown against the cone wall by centrifugal force and break away from the flow. The purified gas/particle mixture exits the cone upward through the central dip tube.

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Possible cyclone variants

  • High-performance cyclones as pre-separators upstream of the filter units. (TurboCyclone type, also in multiple cyclone groups) (1,400 to 1,000,000 Bm³/h)
  • Multicyclones with separation efficiencies of over 99
  • High-pressure cyclones for direct installation in pneumatic conveying systems with high material flows in the conveying air
  • Horizontal cyclone spark separator TurboSpark for glowing or smoldering particles (10,000 to 1,000,000 Bm³/h
  • Skimmer for direct installation in the pipeline (up to 250,000 Bm³/h)

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A skimmer is a cyclone rotated 90° degrees. This has a lower pressure drop and is popular for use as a spark pre-separator.

Axial spin separator

A swirl separator, similar to a cyclone, is a mass force separator. It is used to separate solid particles contained in gases (for example, to separate sparks). Centrifugal forces are used as the separation mechanism.

In this process, the volume flow at the screw helix inside the separator is set into rotational flow. In the cone behind, the particles are deflected by the swirl at an angle to the direction of flow towards the swirl wall. They fall down outside the flow and are discharged via a rotary valve.

Swirl separators have a decisive advantage: they have a very low pressure loss. Since, unlike cyclones, there is no change of direction, swirl separators can be installed directly in a straight pipeline.