Flue gas treatment for secondary aluminum smelting plant

Customer: ALU Menziken
Industry: Aluminum
Location: Mediesu (Jud. Satu Mare)
Country: Romania
Technical data: 90.000 Bm³/h
Commissioning: 07.02.2019
Included services: Additive dosing, Cyclones and other pre-separators, Flat bag filter, Pneumatic conveying, Silos

Project details

Alu Menziken Group is a Swiss metal processing group headquartered in Reinach AG, Switzerland. Its specialty is the production of semi-finished products and components made of aluminum. In this project, a dust removal and reactive gas treatment system was supplied for the construction of a new secondary aluminum smelting plant in Romania.


Filter system with dry sorption

Delivery description

GARANT-Filter supplied the extraction and exhaust gas treatment system. The purpose of this system is to separate the particles from the exhaust air stream and treat the toxic gaseous substances with the help of additives.


  • Sewer system
  • Filter system with mixing reactor
  • Pre-separator with recirculation
  • Fan
  • Storage and dosing unit for hydrated lime
  • Activated carbon dosing unit
  • Silo for residues
  • Fireplace

Operating principle

The resulting raw gas is extracted via the welded duct system at the transfer points. In the first stage, the raw gas flows through a pre-separator that works on the principle of a cyclone. This prevents sparks from being sucked in and the associated ignition hazard for the filter system. The injected additive reacts with the gaseous pollutants according to the principle of adsorption and absorption. The dust separated from the filter bags is discharged into big bags via mechanical screw conveyors and discharge sluices or, alternatively, into a residue silo via a pneumatic system.