The mining of raw materials is the basis for the production of dry construction materials. Various conveying/separating systems and packaging devices are used here. During this process, dusts are released.

In order to comply with the legal ventilation limits, we use dust removalin compact as well as modular design. These are equipped with different filter media. Ideally, the systems are designed as source extraction systems to be used, for example, as silo top filters, bunker top systems or at transfer stations of conveying units.

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We offer our solutions especially for the following application areas:

dust removalbag filter/cartridge filter:
  • Raw material extraction, processing, mixing plants, crushers
  • Clinker coolers, rotary kilns, calcining kilns, transfer stations
  • Coal grinding equipment, coal grinding drying equipment, raw mills
  • Bypass systems, evaporative coolers
  • Electrostatic precipitator conversions, secondary fuel acceptances
  • Material handling (conveyor belt dedusting), silo dedusting
  • Further processing, drying, loading, packaging
The range of our systems covers the entire spectrum of dust removalrequired, such as:
  • Compact filter (decentralized solution) as bag filter as well as cartridge filter
  • Large central bag filter systems in modular system, with compressed air cleaning for large air volumes and high temperatures (customer-oriented design)
  • Various add-on components such as rotary valves, pipe screws, fans and pipe components
  • Halls ventilation and exhaust systems
  • High pressure conveying systems for separated filter dusts



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