Dedusting of the packing machine

Customer: M-Tec Mathis Technik Gmbh
Industry: Minerals
Location: Mamming
Country: Germany
Technical data: 12.000 Bm³/h
Included services: Compact filters

Project details

As part of the capacity expansion, a new plant was built at the Mamming site. Building materials are produced, dried and packaged here. GARANT-Filter products are used for dust removal from both the drum dryer and the packing machine. In order to minimize the dust load there, another modular filtration system is used, which was integrated into the on-site steel structure.


  • Bag house filter
  • Compact filters
  • Fans
  • Support structure
  • Rotary valve
  • Silencer

Operating principle

The raw material with a relatively high moisture content is conveyed to a dryer by means of conveying elements. Due to the rotational movement, there is an increased dust load, which is reduced by a row filtration system. As a result of the drying process, the material is transported by bucket elevators and screw conveyors to silos, from where the material is fed into the mixing process of the building materials. After the mixing process, the material is packed into bags, where the escaping dusts are collected and separated by a modular compact system. The cleaned air is brought into the hall by means of a fan flanged directly to the filter housing on the clean gas side. In the course of noise reduction, a duct silencer is used, which limits the sound level to 85dB(A).