Flue gas cleaning for UBC recycling in Neuss, Germany

Customer: Speira GmbH
Industry: Aluminum
Location: Neuss
Country: Germany
Technical data: 86.500 Bm³/h
Included services: 3D design CAD, Additive dosing, Chimneys and silencers, Flat bag filter, Pipework, Silos

Project details

The global Speira Group operates a plant for recycling beverage cans in Neuss. The large-scale plant, which cost 45 million euros, went into operation in 2016 and can melt up to 50,000 tons of used cans per year into new aluminum.


Filter system with dry sorption

Delivery description

GARANT-Filter supplied the extraction and exhaust gas treatment system including heat recovery. The purpose of this system is to separate the particles from the exhaust air stream and treat the toxic gaseous substances with the help of additives.


  • Pipeline
  • Heat exchanger system
  • Filter system with mixing reactor
  • Pre-separator with recirculation
  • Fan
  • Fireplace
  • Storage and dosing unit for hydrated lime
  • Activated carbon dosing unit

Operating principle

The plant was designed for semi-redundant operation with 75% of the air flow through one filter line and one fan. The filter system is responsible for both the melting furnace exhaust gases including the melting furnace hoods, the auxiliary dross tipping station and the exhaust gases from the pyrolysis drum. Thermal afterburning placed special demands on the control system. This allowed only a few pascals of vacuum variation.

By means of an additive-fed entrained flow process, the harmful gases generated during melting are efficiently reduced to a minimum. The adsorbent ensures that mercury, dioxins and furans are also effectively separated. The harmful gases react already in flight, and later on the filter bags. The dust cake of reaction products is later separated and discharged.