Dedusting and heat recovery in a foundry

Customer: Friedr. Lohmann GmbH Werk für Spezial- & Edelstähle
Industry: Foundry
Location: Witten-Annen
Country: Germany
Technical data: 140.000 Bm³/h
Commissioning: 24.06.2016
Included services: Chimneys and silencers, Coolers and systems for heat recovery, Flat bag filter

Project details

Use of a complete solution for dust removal entire foundry with heat recovery system for hall air conditioning. In addition, additive dosing for dioxin & furan separation in the croning area.


Turnkey filter system with piping and heat exchanger (KVS) with integration of induction furnace cooling for hall air conditioning with displacement air outlets. (Ensuring the energy data)

Delivery description

Connection of the cooling station, croning casting, shake-out grate, Modul-Cast®, sand preparation


  • Filter
  • Fireplace
  • Fan
  • Additvsystem
  • Heat exchanger
  • Pipeline
  • Exhaust air and supply air piping
  • Supply air unit with suction filter
  • Heat exchanger
  • Axial fan
  • Soundproofing

Operating principle

The harmful gases from various foundry areas (melting, cooling, sand preparation) are fed to the filter and cleaned there. Tracer adsorption processes are used specifically to reduce odors from the croning process. The warm exhaust air is passed through a heat exchanger on the clean gas side (air-water-glycol) which feeds the extracted heat to the supply air unit for the hall air conditioning. The hall supply air is then introduced draught-free via displacement air outlets at defined, neuralgic working areas.