dust removal the Georg Fischer foundry

Customer: Georg Fischer Fittings GmbH
Industry: Foundry
Location: Traisen
Country: Austria
Technical data: 200.000 Bm³/h
Included services: Coolers and systems for heat recovery, Flat bag filter

Project details

The new filter system was necessary to replace three old wet scrubbers in the foundry in order to comply with the new, stricter TA-Luft guidelines. The plant was developed and realized according to the ENTECCO 4-phase model.


  • Suction lines
  • Axial spin separator
  • Filter
  • Discharge system
  • Fans
  • Heat recovery

Operating principle

Dust is extracted from various areas of the foundry and separated in the two filters. The two filters are set up in parallel and allow flexible operation; we can also run filters individually via the butterfly valves. The two centrifugal blowers are equipped with soundproof booths to ensure a maximum sound pressure level of 70 dB(A). The cleaned exhaust air is passed through heat exchangers to preheat the fresh air supply to the foundry shop. The exhaust air is then led outdoors via a chimney. Dust collection trays including discharge screws are insulated and heated.