Flue gas cleaning with large recirculating air cooler

Customer: KAISER Warrick
Industry: Aluminum
Location: Newbrugh, Indiana
Country: USA
Technical data: 136.000 m³/h
Commissioning: 01.05.2022
Included services: Coolers and systems for heat recovery, Dry sorption plants, Silos, Vertical bag filter

Project details

Gillespie and Powers supplied a new melting furnace including exhaust gas treatment. ENTECCO USA supplied a recirculating chiller together with a JDR JetPulse filter and additive silo due to the high air volume.


Recirculating air cooler and JDR 1505-12-6000 exhaust and flue gas treatment system

Delivery description

ENTECCO-USA supplied the flue gas treatment system. The purpose of this system is to separate particles from the exhaust air stream and to treat toxic gaseous substances by using additives.


Filter plant divided into 4 filter modules, additive silo and dosing unit for hydrated lime with discharge devices, heating, insulation piping, flaps and steel structures, platforms

Operating principle

The waste gas from the aluminum melting furnace is exhausted via the insulated pipe network at the transfer points. The additive is injected upstream into the air stream. The additive reacts in the mixing reactor with the gaseous raw gas pollutants according to the principle of adsorption and absorption. The heat-resistant textile filter elements of the filter cause the separation of suspended particles from the air stream. The dust separated from the filter bags is discharged via discharge airlocks into a pneumatic system in residue silos. For maintenance purposes, the plant is equipped with appropriate pneumatic flaps on the raw and clean gas side.