Extraction system – BRZ and washing systems

Customer: BMW
Industry: Automotive
Location: Landshut
Country: Germany
Technical data: 31.250 m³/h
Included services: Compact filters

Project details

Turnkey project with filtration equipment, centrifugal fans, piping, control cabinet, wiring.

The emissions generated during machining on the machines are collected directly by means of an oil-tight line and conveyed to the filter system/separator. Manual throttle valves are mounted on all machines for adjustment.
The emissions are filtered with a pre-filter and then with a 3-stage process with high efficiency. The first two consist of special glass fiber filters, which have a self-cleaning effect due to the special arrangement. The 3rd stage is designed as an oil-resistant H13 HEPA filter. The plant is designed with redundancy so that production reliability is guaranteed in the event of filter breakage and/or fan failure. The switchover is automatic.