dust removal a flame cutting system

Customer: DEW Witten
Industry: Steel and metals
Location: Witten
Country: Germany
Technical data: 45.000 m³/h

Project details

Various stainless steels are produced at the site in Witten. By means of a TurboJetPulse filter with upstream TurboSpark pre-separator, flame-cutting systems are appropriately extracted and air-treated.


  • Dust filter
  • Spark pre-separator
  • Fan
  • Rotary valve
  • Piping components
  • Switching and control components

Operating principle

After the casting process on a vertical casting machine, the rams are cut to a specific length. During the cutting process, dust pollution is generated, which, in addition to the health of employees, also affects the occupational safety factor. The released chromium, nickel and cobalt particles are collected by means of a corresponding dedusting system and separated accordingly in designated containers for disposal.