dust removal argon rinsing stands / lead filter system

Customer: ArcelorMittal Ruhrort Duisburg
Industry: Steel and metals
Location: Duisburg
Country: Germany
Technical data: 240.000 m³/h

Project details

Use of TurboJetPulse filters with upstream TurboSpark spark separator for dust removal the argon rinsing stands and the slag dumping stand.


  • Raw gas flaps
  • Axial spin separator
  • Pipe screw conveyor
  • MSR components
  • Pressure sensor and temperature sensors
  • Filtration system
  • Rotary valve
  • Level sensors
  • Fans

Operating principle

The installed turbofilter plant is operated alternately. Behind the raw gas flap dedusting filter, a swirl separator is installed in the raw gas line directly at the filter inlet, which has the task of achieving pre-separation of the dust as well as elimination of the sparks.
The lead vapor dedusting is extracted by opening / switching over the electrically operated raw gas flap dedusting filter described above.

The dust accumulating via the filter hoppers and pneumatic gate valves is fed to a tubular chain conveyor by means of two filter screws assigned to the respective filter unit.

With the pipe chain conveyor, the dust is fed to a dust collection container (silo). From the silo, the dust enters a reversible screw conveyor via a manual gate valve. From there, the material is pumped into the Eirich mixer in normal operation or directly into the on-site container via a downpipe in emergency operation.