Gurit project in India successfully commissioned

Garant Filter India with support from Garant Filter GmbH commissioned a complete Turnkey Project for handling PET Dust at Gurit Winds Private Limited, Chennai, India. PET (Polyethylene terephthalate) Foam Dust handled is Explosive, Light weight (500 kg/M3), Impact resistant and prone to generating Static Electricity. Recycled structure foam manufacturer is a new recyclable thermo plastic foam with an improved balance of mechanical properties, enhanced resin with improved performance and good temperature resistance for a wide range of application and production process. PET foam is widely used in wind turbine blades, civil and marine structures. It is available in plain sheet form or Cubes with welded sheets form.

The basic process requirements taken care of by the Dust collection solution are as below.

Material processing, Material storage, Material handling, Extruder, Fly saw machine, Planner, Trimmer, Slicer, Grinding Machine, Compactor Machine, Kitting area, etc.

A total 71 suction points from 8 machines have been used to handle the Dust generated from entire plant.

Performance parameters of the system

  • Emission level < 10mg/Nm3,
  • Extraction Volume è 93,000 m3/Hr.
  • High Energy efficiency
  • ATEX Certification and Safety features necessary for this dust.
  • Re-circulation of collected dust to Compactor – Minimization of wastage.

In order to achieve these parameters Garant Filter studied the process, Conceptualized, Engineered and Commissioned an efficient filtering and conveying solution to collect and convey the dust generated in various processes. A unique customized JDR type dust collector and conveying system for this process industry was installed successfully. Explosion relief Diaphragms and Explosion non return valves were installed to meet the special nature of dust. Water dosing / flooding arrangement is made to minimize damages in case of a fire.

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