New flue gas cleaning system supplied for Ellwood Aluminum

Foundry company Ellwood Aluminum is operating a new secondary aluminum plant in Hubbard, Ohio. In this process, both aluminum scrap and primary aluminum are processed and melted down in a furnace, producing a large number of pollutants. To minimize the environmental impact of the operation, the ENTECCOgroup companies supplied a highly efficient flue gas cleaning system.

Our special process for the aluminum industry

The purge air cleaned patented filter system have been specifically designed for nitrous oxide cleaning in secondary aluminum processes, as aluminum scrap smelting is known to release a significant amount of hydrochloric acid (HCl) per ton of molten scrap. Due to the compact design and installation, the amount of insulation and trace heating could be reduced to the minimum necessary. Especially with acidic exhaust gases, it is particularly important to control the temperatures and not to fall below the dew point, otherwise massive corrosion damage to the system can occur.

A dry additive process is used to reduce the hydrochloric acid in the exhaust gas. In this process, a mixture of calcium hydroxide and activated carbon is jetted into the raw gas stream. A lime-based dust cake forms on the filter bags, with which the acidic exhaust gases react and form their respective salts. This means that gaseous components can also be separated with a textile filter. Thanks to these capabilities, ENTECCOgroup’s filtration system can meet the high filtration levels required by the government.

The process engineering design, project management and planning of the plant was carried out by our site in the USA in close cooperation with the Center-of-Excellence in Germany.

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