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Process systems / Energy supply and media supply

Experience and expertise
The ENTECCOgroup brings comprehensive expertise and is your partner for consultation, designing and constructing all systems for refrigeration and cooling water supply, as well as steam engineering, air extraction and supply systems, heating systems, cooling lubricants and oil emulsions.

Example: Energy generation/steam system
In the steam generation and supply systems area, we think about and plan the systems in detail and carry out the entire implementation process. Our range of services includes the boiler layout and construction of the piping including the condensate return, right up to heat recovery.

Example: Lubricant and oil emulsion systems
Wherever mechanical by-products that are mixed with coolants and oil emulsions occur, we design appropriate closed process circuits. These systems transport and separate these substances, prepare them and deliver them to the manufacturing process again.

Example: Refrigeration system
We plan and construct complete refrigeration and supply systems for your production process or air conditioning units. We use both traditional refrigeration machines and absorption refrigeration systems that are operated by waste heat. Intelligent controllers with appropriate visualisation complete the range.

Project example

  • Steam boiler system 3 Dampfkessel à 2.000 kg/h/
    6,5 bar
  • 5 Warmwasserspeicher à 10.000 l
  • Heating the store via flue gas heat recovery from the steam boiler
  • 1x pressure increase
  • Warm water mains 25 bar
  • 3 screw compressors
  • Compressed air supply 8,5 bar
  • 1 demineralised water system
  • (reverse osmosis) 2,2 m3/h