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Chip conveyor systems / oil dust filters

Convey coolants and lubricants efficiently

When designing and developing the most modern systems for coolants and lubricants, the engineers and technicians in the ENTECCOgroup include your entire company, in order to develop smooth manufacturing, logistics and material flows for you. We construct perfect systems for conveying mixtures of chips and lubricants from production for separation, preparation and recycling.


Oil dust separator with demister technology and storage technology

Our LTG AEROB product range provides filter types for metal cutting such as drilling, milling, turning, honing, grinding, etc. Various lubricants and coolants in various quantities are used in the manufacturing processes specified above and these in turn generate different spreads of droplets. Furthermore, these fluids interact differently with the metals to be processed, resulting in numerous usage combinations. For these numerous applications, we have storage filters within demister technology; these can be designed with or without stripping.


LTG AEROB AOM, AOS oil dust separator

Mode of operation

The filter cassettes are passed through vertically from the bottom to the top. The  fluid droplets that are separated can go to the collection tray located below via drainage channels. The fill level is monitored there and the fluids can be returned through a siphon. All filter cassettes can be replaced easily thanks to the large maintenance door. The pure gas outlet is at the top; an optional aerosol filter element can be installed in front of the inlet.