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Our vision.

Will and aims are the start for any company

In order to be a successful employer, it is extremely important to have inspiration to want to be the best, to communicate this to all companies involved in the group and therefore to create the best company in your market sector. In order to forge this sense of community, open and authentic employees and management are essential to ensuring that everybody becomes an enthusiastic supporter of the company.
Co-operation, building confidence and respect are consistent with the guiding principles of acting economically and independently.

People and nature.

Acting independently, sustainably and entrepreneurially

People’s awareness of protecting people and the environment has been growing for years. At the same time, the European and international legislation has tightened the requirements on industrial systems. Every employee takes on a special, essential role in ensuring that these aspects to protect our environment, as well as the performance requirements of our customers are adhered to.

We and our employees, as well as the requirements of our customers are at the heart of our company philosophy.

Company identity.

Bundling know-how, using synergies, creating platforms

Research projects in close co-operation with universities and research facilities are as necessary as the decades of experience of our employees. A balanced product range and numerous reference systems in many industries and markets complement our range in every aspect.

With its strategy, the ENTECCOgroup aims to bundle this know-how, to use the synergies and therefore to create the ideal platform for being a complete provider in the environmental technology sector.

ENTECCO - Following nature’s example

Our strong swarm principle

A swarm consists of many individuals. And it behaves like a homogeneous organism and has outstanding capabilities as a whole. This results in complex, adaptive systems in nature: the emergence.

As a well-rehearsed team of specialists, the ENTECCOgroup benefits from many synergies and uses extensive experience. It also calls upon numerous co-operations such as  with environmental ministries and research facilities. We react quickly, act responsibly and come up with leading solutions thanks to a network of expertise.